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Monday, December 31, 2012 @ 7:42 PM
`New Year Celebration

Hi Lovelies .. 

Welcome to the first day of New Year Yayyh \^.^/ and also welcome to my first post .

Today , lets us put aside about Review , Make Up product and etc . 
In this post , i am just want to sharing with all of you something i do for celebrated the new year . Its not related to beauty at all but its personal matters .
Perhaps you will feel so boring , or you will feel this post not interesting at all ><" , yah really boring actually HAHAHA , but i am still hope that you can read it until finish @.@ 

Something very interesting is , i am welcoming this new year without any BBQ Party or Fireworks *LOL . 
No Groups of friend , just my Boyfriend and me T__T 
Last night it was raining all night long , its really make me felt very lazy to see the fireworks at all and also because i need to work tomorrow. So , my boyfriend and i only have some dinner after that then we go back home and sleep ZzzZZ ~ 

Here is some random picture takes by me ^^

Really wonder with this guy , why he wont a little serious when took picture with me huh ?? 

This photo looks better than the above one . Hihihi . 
Both of us look so cute and great *shame me :p 

Act cute huh ~ ~ 
Btw , this is the pose i forced him to do XD 

Our appetizer !! FRENCH FRIES 
One of My Favorited food  Yummy ~ ~

Our drinks , Chocolate Milkshake and Lemon Juice Yewh ~ ~ 

How about food ?? 
Sorry , i forgot to take the picture , because quite late already around 10.00 pm , so both of us are busy have the food  and chit chat T___T 
Both of us having Soto *Indonesian Food as our dinner @@ 

The nearest face of my Boyfriend.
Actually he want to laugh , but i forced him not to after i took the picture of him XD , but also Poor him T__T 

Voilaaa !! 
This is me at the last night .. 
See .. my eyes really looks sleepy eyes @@ .

Behind me , is a CHRISTMAS TREE . Wowh !!! 
See... its look very great 

Our crazy expressions , but looks kinda cute right ?? Wkekeke  

The last picture of this post . 
The above picture is my currently nail .... 
Maybe later on , i must paint some nails color ><" , to make it little looks nice instead nothing right ?? 

 That's all what i want to sharing with all of you . 

Thanks for reading guys . 

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Sunday, December 30, 2012 @ 11:38 PM
`The MEMORABLE MOMENT in 2012 + Resolutions for 2013

Hi everyone ... 
Maybe everyone know today is the last day of 2012,and we will welcome the new coming year 2013 at 12.00 pm

I make this post because of inspired of 2 beauty blogger . They are Xiao Vee and Stella . so i am also gonna want to list out my memorable moment at 2012 and also the resolutions at 2013 . 
Thanks for inspired me made this post Girls XD 

Yah , i know that maybe this is not a interesting post , but i am still want to sharing with you T__T and i also hope that you can read till the end or give me some feed back maybe Huh !! 

My memorable moments in 2012

1.Started my Beauty Blogger 
Its a new job for me , maybe can say like a part time job . I started build up a beauty blogger at 31st of October 2012 and the reason is very simple : I love make up , so i want to share with all of you the information about all the make up product i bought 
I admit that , my English is not so good , but i am still want to try write a post in English language , because i also want the overseas reader also can find something useful at my blog . 

2.Held 2 giveaways in 2012
Wowh !! i have hosted 2 giveaways within 3 months ~ ~ 
I love hosted giveaway , because beside the reader can find something useful at my blog , i also want they have chance to win some make up goodies . 

3.College + Works 
Maybe this is the memorable things for me . I started go to college at the mid of July 2011 until now .  I worked at the morning from 8 am until 5 or 6 pm , after that i went to college until 8 / 9.30  pm . 
Its very hard for me , at the first , i went to college everyday , even that in the Sunday T__T , i am only have holiday when there is a public holiday . 
I know its quite though , but i am will take it as a adventure for me . 

4.Buy Iphone 4s by my own money 
Its really not show off or what , but this is the first time i bought a smart phone by own money . Yeah i admit that , my mother paid the money first , then i will pay to my mother every month . 
But its still use my money right , only the way is different HAHAHA 

My resolutions for 2013
As a beauty blogger 
1.Improve the quality in blogging
In the future ,i will do post often even that i am very busy ><" , and i am also will improve the quality of my blogging . 
Of course , you do not want i post often in a bad quality right ? 

2.Do more Tutorial , NOTD and NOTN 
As some suggestion , i will do some make up tutorial at the Youtube , and also make some post for the NOTD and NOTN . Actually i am not really a fan of manicure pedicure XD 

3.Hold my Birthday Giveaways . 
After this second giveaway , maybe i will hosting a giveaway again at the first of June 2013 . Yeah its still long time , but its my Birthday Giveaway . Pssssh ... maybe the quantity of the price is same as my old *Lol 

4.Create my own Blogger Template 
I am very happy with this template i am using right now . Very thanks to Ms.Sofea who has made this girly , kawaii and dolly template . 
But i am still want to make a blog template design by my own ^^ 

5.Save more money 
In very honest , i am a impulse buyer . 
What is Impulse buyer Huh ?? Its mean that you buy something only see the good one or see the good side only , you are not consider that you need the product or nor . 
Yeah , i am exactly like this . So i will try hard to change this bad habit and save more money to my future .. 

6.Become the member of Indonesia Beauty Blogger 
If i works hard in Blogging world , i am very sure that i will become the member of Indonesia Beauty Blogger .

In Personal Life 
1.Love my Mother more and more . 
Do not misunderstanding , now i am also very love my mother . I am just do not know how to show it to her . 
I hope that i will help her in a big or small matters , or maybe be a more filial daughter * i am quite filial right now XD  , and more concern my mother . 
I am growing up right now , but i am also forget that my mother also grows old

2.Love My Boyfriend more and more 
Now i am also very love my boyfriend . I am very thanks to him that he wont leave me when i am down T_T . 
We have been together around 2 a half years , in this 2 a half years he very kind , care and concern me . 

3.Have healthier life . 
Eat more vegetables , drink more juices and less eat junk food . Something also very important that everyday must do physical exercise 

4. Discipline and time management . 
Those are the bad bad habit of mine . In this year , hope i change all the bad habit especially the two of them . 

 That's all what i want to share with all of you . 
By the way , its still many things what i want to share with all of you , but i think the all above are the most important for me . 

Happy New Year 2013 

See you next year , i mean tomorrow XD

Thanks for reading guys . 

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@ 7:11 PM
`Review Etude House Dear My Blooming Lip Talk PK 004

Hi Lovelies ~ ~
New Year is coming soon and i am also very excited the coming new year, why ?
Maybe to celebrated the End of this Year , i will join my friend's BBQ Party , that's why i am very excited ヽ(・∀・*)ノ

By the way , are you still remembered that i have reviewed a Lip Gloss from Etude House ?
If you have forgotten , just check at below this post XD or you can click Here * to make it more quickly XD ..
Today , i am gonna review again which the same series with the Lip Gloss i have reviewed before . But this time i am gonna talking about Lips talk.

Information : 
This Lipstalk comes out with 24 colors and made from Korea . 
Wowh !! so many colors we can choose of and see the picture above .. its tell us which color is the HOT COLOR !!

Information from Etude House :
- Smooth Texture and outstanding color of creamy gel texture makes clean and vivid lips .
- Relaxed Fitting complex and smooth powder system makes smooth lips without crack
- Moist liquid paste and Hydro Moist Complex makes moist and kissable lips .

Where to Buy : 
I got this Lips talk from my Friend . If you wished to buy online , you can order with Beau Yong ( High Recommend Online Shop by me ) * No Advertorial T__T
The price at Beau Yong is Rp.95.000,- or around USD 9.5 / each

The Packaging : 
The Packaging of this Lips talk is like the other common lipstick , it made by thick plastic ( The plastic is very hard ) and is in Shimmering Rainbow Color .There is also a ribbon in shimmering dark pink color surrounded the lips talk . This can make the lips talk looks very Elegant and princessy ... 
The size of this Lips talk is very pretty handy so its very suitable we bring along to anywhere

Here is the Lipstalk looks like ~
See , there is a logo state at the lipstalk itself , its look Love shape and there is a crown above the Love Shape.
This logo can be a plus point to this Lipstalk . Its look so interesting and cute (⊙…⊙ )

There is a round sticker sticks at the bottom of this Lipstalk . The sticker also state the code of this Lips talk PK 004 .
Maybe this is the prove that this lips talk is made from Korea 

Here is the SWATCH at my Hand 

Left is 1 Swipe and Right is in 2 Swipe

Here is the BEFORE and AFTER Picture

 This is my bare lips

 This is my lips after used the lips talk

How to use : 
Apply evenly to lips or with a lip brush

Texture : 
The texture of this lipstalk is very smooth and creamy and its smells Fruity Hmmmm ~ ~
When applied , i felt my lips very smooth and it would not my make my lips dries Yayhhhh .... (•ิ_•ิ)

Repurchase : 
Yes , maybe i will try another color later on . 
The colors is very nice and the price also very affordable for a lip talk , if i have a chance i will buy all the HOT COLOR  (・ω・)
Rating :  / 5

What i LOVE
- Pretty Handy 
- Packaging looks Kawaii 
- The Texture is smooth and creamy
- Comes out with many color

What i HATE
- None
This is the picture , when i applied some Dear My Crystal Gloss.
See , Its pretty or not ?

Disclaimer : i make the review by my HONEST opinion
Thanks for reading guys ~ ~

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Friday, December 28, 2012 @ 6:30 PM
`REVIEW : Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss CPK 001

Hi Lovelies ~~

Its Lip Gloss Review time . Yay ~ ~
I think this is the first time i make a review about Lip Gloss ~ ~ 
Do more support yay guys *LOL

Want to know more ?? 
Please READ MORE ~ ~ ~ 

Information : 
Actually this Lip Gloss is from Korean and its from Etude House . Who can resist product from Etude House which famous with the nice packaging ? I can not resist it Lol

The lip gloss itself also come out with 8 color variant .
- COR 201 : Dazzling Coral
- COR 202 : Bling - Bling Orange
- CBE 101 : Twinkling Gold Beige
- CWH 901 : Glittering Dia
- CPK 001 : Shining Baby Pink
- CPK 002 : Shimmering Rose Pink
- CPP 501 : Sparkling Violet
- CRD 301 : Amazing Red 

WoW !! , there are so many variant we can choose of  ~ ~ Thanks Etude House #Get slapped Plakk ~

Where to Buy : 
I bought this Lip Gloss at Beau Yong and the price is Rp.70.000,- or around in USD 7.00 . 

Packaging : 
I really like the packaging , its not so long or short and not so big or small , its also very suit to bring to anywhere . Travel handy lal ~ ~

This is the reference which state at the Lip Gloss ~ ~ . 
Please make sure , the product you buy is from Korea or Made in Korea .Because now so many Fake Cosmetics are in market . But dont worry if you buy from Beau Yong , because it's really shipped from Korea .

Texture : 
The texture of this Lip Gloss is less sticky and smooth texture . The gloss also in shimmering which can give our lips vivid shine , fancy and beautiful when applied . 
The smells also very nice , its smell fruity Hmmm ~ ~ and its not taste weird at all . 

Its a shimmering lip gloss !! if you prefer no shimmering one  , perhaps you also can try another lip gloss without shimmering . The name is Dear My Milky Gloss and its also from Etude House . ( check here for further information )

Applicator : 
I am also very like the applicator of this Lip Gloss because its quite Fluffy , so you no need to dip in the bottle again after each swipe . 
The applicator also very long , so you can apply the lip gloss easier in any angle :)

Here is the BEFORE and AFTER Picture  

This is my bare lips with no apply any Lip Gloss 

This is my Lips after apply the lip gloss

When applied , the color is not really obvious T__T , but its can cover the some line at my lips . See ~ ~ the picture above , there are no line anymore after applied the lip gloss

Because its a Lip Gloss , so dont hope that it will stay all day long . You still need to reapply and apply when you needed or after eating . ( but You still can see a little shimmer at the lips )

Repurchase : 
Yes , maybe i will try another color later on . Perhaps in Amazing Red or Shimmering Rose Pink , because the price is not really expensive for a lip gloss . 

Rating :  / 5

What i LOVE
- Handy
- The Texture is smooth and less sticky
- Comes out with many variant
- The applicator
- Still can see a little shimmer even though there is no any lip gloss
What i HATE
- Need to reapply

Disclaimer : i bought this product by my own and i also make the review by my HONEST opinion

Thanks for reading guys ~ ~ 

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012 @ 10:58 PM
`50+ Followers

YAYH  ~ ~ (´・ω・`)
Finally i had 50++ followers in my Blog , thanks for the support guys . Love all of you very much . 

Today , i am not gonna post any REVIEW , GIVEAWAY , MAKE UP TUTORIAL or what ~ ~ i am just wanna share with all of you , why i start blogging !!
In this post i will not post any picture aside the above one *Lol , perhaps you will feel boring , but i am still want to share with all of you and hope you can read till finish >.<" 

Please READ MORE ~ ~ 

I made this blog is on 31st of October 2012 , and i decided to take the beauty blogger for my blog as the categorize . 
Why i am still blogging is very simple ~
I love make up very much so i want to review all make up product i bought . I hope that i can give to all of you a great information about the product . 
A simple reason *get slapped Plak
What i must claimed is i am still newbie , so i still need more experience about make a review , but i am promise that i will learn from another senior blogger . I will improve my better and better ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙

Now , i am blogging for around 2 month and i enjoyed blogging life very much , because of blogging i also know many blogger friend , they helped me a lot especially in blogger life . I am very touched and thankful .
 Btw , are you still remember that i am hosting my SECOND GIVEAWAY right now ~ ~

  If you still have not join it , feel free to join at Here , the giveaway will end in 21 days more . 
You also can ask your friend to join it too , the merrier the better, and wish you luck yah girls ^^
* I am still thinking about add any product as the prize to my second giveaway . Lil me thinking first
For blogwalking / visitor ~ ~
Very thanks that you have visit my blog , hope you can find the information you need at my blog .
If possible , leave me any note at the right sidebar ( Chat here ) , see ~ ~ the widget is still blank .

Thanks for reading till the ends ~


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Sunday, December 23, 2012 @ 10:56 PM
`My Merry Xmas Greeting 2012

Picture credit by Google.com

Me Mariani,the owner of Mariani Blogger wished to all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. 
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Holiday ~ ~ 

I am wished you a Merry Christmas ~ 
I am wished you a Merry Christmas ~ 
I am wished you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ~ 
*Plok Plok to me Gets slapped 


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@ 10:12 PM
`FOTD on 23rd of December 2012

Hi Lovelies ~ 

Today i am gonna to share about my FOTD on yesterday . Mmmh ... can say that its a late post actually XD  
But , never mind i am still wanna to share to all of you . 

Yesterday , i am going out with my best friend Suryanti for do my hair extension * forget to take picture Yay !! . I am very touched and happy , because my friend wait for me at the salon around 4 or 5 hours , because it quite late already , so we didnt having any Lunch *DIET LOL 

Maybe all of you know , some time we are too excited about something , then we will forget about our daily meals XD * i admit it ^^ 

Its really late , but i am still able to do my make up XD , I really love the confidence make up gives me La La La ~ ~ 

Want to know my make up looks alike ? so READ MORE 

This me XD . 
Again and again ~~ please ignore my brows yah gurls m(_ _)m

Want to know how i make this make up ? I have made a make up tutorial , if you are interested just click here 

Lil me in here looks so serious and nerd 
with the big eye glass 

After from the salon , then we directly went to KFC fast food . 
My favorite food Oriental Bento and drink its Grape Float for my dinner #looks yummy ehh *Drool 

This is me with my long - long curl hair extension . I swore it really wrong ,  but i dont know why its only look a little long at the above picture 
Btw , Looks a little OLD in this picture , * must slapped a lot of skin care again 

Thanks for reading guys 

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@ 7:38 PM
`Make Up Tutorial ~ Smokey Grey

Hi Lovelies . 

Ching Chang Chang ~~ . 
Christmas in the corner right now , are you excited for the coming Christmas ? 

How about me ? 
Me of course very excited because at Christmas day , i am not working . HOLIDAY for one Day ╭(^▽^)╯

Nah ... as my promised to Ms.Lee , i will make a Smokey Grey make up tutorial . At the first i think make a make up tutorial is very easy,But that's wrong
Its really NOT Easy , especially i am still newbie and i am also not really pro at photograph  (⌣́_⌣̀)

To keep my promise , i am still want to trying to make it . Hope you enjoyed it guys ~~ 

Taaa dhaaa ~~
 This is my bare face . I am not apply any BB cream or Foundation in here . Only applied some skin care routine . To ensure that my face also can get a good benefit . * Still want to look YOUNGER XD

This photo really suitable for my passport's photo LOL , and see my round face HAHAHA 

After saw my ugly face , lets move to make up tutorial ~

Face Primer 

Before applied any BB Cream or Foundation ,do remember yah girls ~ you must apply some face primer.
Primer works as a wall between your face and make up, so the harmful chemical from the make up will not easily contacted to your face and also applied face primer before make up will make the make up lost lasting . BELIEVE me , it really works 
Squeezed a good enough amount primer to your hand then applied to your face and spread it with brush or sponge . 
This time i am using Missha M BB Boomer . Just click here for the review . 

BB Cream / Foundation

After applied face primer . I applied BB Cream from Etude House with sponge to my entire face . You also can apply it using brush depends on your needs . 

Concealer and compact powder 

In this step , i am using some concealer to coverage my pimple scar . Concealer only can be used at the needed area only ( coverage pimple scar or pimple ) not to all your entire face. 
 After that you can use some compact or loose powder,to make it more natural and flawless looks .
I am using Etude Houde Essence Surprise Concelear and for the compact powder is Etude House BB Magic Pact * mostly my make up products are from Etude House XD 

After my face make up is finish , now we will moves to the eye make up . This is what i like the most
 Because i am not really know how to draw the eye brow , so i skip this step . 

Eye Primer .

Eye primer is a base we used before apply the eye shadow , the benefit of using it is to make the color more appear . 
In this time , i am using Etude House Proof 10 Eye primer . Just applied a little at your eyelid then spread it with your finger . 

Eye Shadow .

This time i am using a eye shadow from Noona Make Up Cosmetic . This is a local make up product which made from Taiwan . 
I used Shimmering White , Shimmering Grey and black * i am very like to use the black color XD

First , i applied black color at the outer until my half eye lid with eye shadow brush .For the brush,I am using eye shadow brush from Coastal Scent . 

After you have applied the black shadow , then applied the shimmering grey on top of the black shadow . I also blend the eye shadow with blend brush to make the color more natural and lighter
For the inner part of the eye lid , i applied some shimmering white to make the eye more bigger and brighter 

Eye Liner 

In this eye linear step , i am using black eye linear from the NYX Crimson Amulet Palette
I drew the eye linear in quite thick because my eye crease is also very thick and deep . To make it more balance .

If you are still newbie and dont know how to draw the eye linear , please watch this Eye Linear Tutorial ,credited from Youtube.com
In this eye linear tutorial , she will teach you how to use the Pencil , Liquid and Gel Linear . 

Blush On 

Then we will move to the cheek .  am using Etude House Lovely Cookies Blusher in Rose. Before i applied it , i will smile first and then applied at the apple area of your cheek with blusher brush WOW !!~ 

 I am using Lipstick from Etude House Dear My Blooming Lip Talk in CPK PK 004 and Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss CPK 001 . 
I applied the lipstick in very thin and also apply some lip gloss on top of the lipstick to make my lips more plumper or fuller 
This is the final looks . 
See , there are still a few big pimple at my cheek , it really hard to cover it with concealer  . 
Sorry , i am not really pro doing the make up tutorial but i am still hope that you can enjoyed this make up tutorial . 
I will try to make it better . 

Practice make perfect 

Thanks for reading guys 

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