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Thursday, January 31, 2013 @ 9:38 PM
`Muse's Wonderland Valentine Giveaway

Hi Readers . 
Today , this post specially i post about a giveaway i have joined recently \^.^/ 
The first day of February , Ms.Theresia from Muses Wonderland hosted a valentine giveaway ^^ and it ends on 3rd of February 2013 . 
That's why i am say it a quick giveaway . 

Lets us see what the prize looks like : 

How to enter this giveaway : 
- Subscribe to her Youtube ( Museswonderland )
- Follow her twitter and mention this giveaway 
- Share her giveaway on your Facebook 
- Add her blog to your reading list on your homepage 
- Add her on G+
- Create a blog post and leave the url in her blog comment box 
-  Comment in the comment box " Whats your romantic plan for valentine day "? 
- Leave your Name , Twitter , Fb , GFC , Url Blog on the comment box of her blog 

If you are interested , just click here to join XD 

I have joined and i hope you also can join and wish me luck anyway Lol 


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Wednesday, January 30, 2013 @ 8:02 PM
`Nail Tutorial : Anna Sui Rose

Hi readers ~ ~ 
Today i am back with a nail tutorial again XD , actually this is i find in a website then i decided to share with all of you . 
In this past few days , i am very like to search about nail tutorial . yeah maybe Chinese New Year is coming soon , so i also want to find some inspiration for doing my nails \^.^/ 

Here is the finish look for this nail art .
Looks very pretty and elegant right ? ^^
Actually this nail art also very suitable for party look, join wedding ceremony or daily use .

Are you interested but think that its quite hard to do it !!
Do not worry , its very easy to make it , if you read more ~

What you need : 
Nail polish ( Black , White , Pink , Purple , Green , Shimmering Gold , and a top coat ) 

Lets us start .. 

First Step :
Shape the nail you prefer and then polish your nail with black color in oblique . Wait it dries ,after that drop a white nail polish  in the above point .

Second Step :
After the white nail polish is dry , then drop again pink color nail polish above the white color . *make sure that the drop pink color is smaller than the white color * .
In a quickly, use a toothpick to draw the drop pink color in to a rose shape or petals

Third Step :
Now , we are going to make a purple rose and the way is same as we did the pink roses

Fourth Step :
After we have done the pink and purple roses . Now we are moving to draw so green leaves to make it more elegant .
Draw a green leaf near the purple rose and 2 green leaves for the pink roses .

Fifth Step : 
In this step , just draw a nail polish in gold color of along the edge of your nails and the last step is polish a top coat above the nail to secure it or make it long lasting and you are done . 

Quite simple yeah guys Hehehe . 
If the first time ,the result does not look alike at the above picture , don't ever give up and remember that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT  

Thanks for reading and hope you like it guys 


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@ 1:55 AM
`Hauls for CNY part I

Hi Readers .
If you saw this tittle , perhaps you are not familiar again . Why ?
Actually i have posted this post yesterday , but because my Computer is quite lag so i am not carefully delete it T___T so stupid me .
I am very sorry and really heart broken about it .

Yeah , so i am gonna to make a new post again about my Haul for Chinese New Year
Lets we started ~ ~

So , all of them is my Clothes Hauls for Chinese New Year .
Stay tuned for my Second Haul for Chinese New Year yeah guys . I will share the new long jeans i have bought , High heels , Bag and Make up Yayh \^.^/

Thanks for reading


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Tuesday, January 22, 2013 @ 8:09 PM
`Review : Etude House Styling Eye Linear 01 Black

Hi Lovelies ~~
Today i am back with a review again , and today i am wanna talking about a Eye Linear from Etude House .
The name is Etude House Styling Eye Linear . 

This EyeLinear comes in 2 color ( black and White ) , and for both 2 colors i have bought them all Yayh \^.^/ , but today , i am gonna to review first color ( black ) and for another color , i will review in the next post . 

Information : 
Styling eye linear promotes crisp , clear and prominent lines perfect for making your eyes stand out . 

Where to buy : 
I  bought mine at Beau Yong and the price is Rp.35.000 or around USD 3.5 ( prices may be vary )
The quantity is 0.2 gr 

The packaging : 
Its come in a black plastic packaging and there is also a logo and label in white color . The plastic is quite hard , so when it fall , it wont harm to the eyelinear . ( Mine has fall for many times >< )

There is also a sticker stick at the cap of this eyelinear . Most of written in Korean .

So basically it is a retractable black eyelinear . It comes in a very travel friendly pen eye linear , its pen like container and because its a retractable eyelinear so you no need any sharpener to sharpen it . 

When its newly opened , the eyelinear is in pretty sharpen ( sorry , i am forget to take the picture ><" ) , after some constant use then the eyelinear will look as the picture above , looks like a little blunt . 


The above picture is i swatched the eyelinear on my hand.
With just a swipe it gives a very black color and its really glide easily when used it ^^

See ... its really very easily smudge ><" and  i don't like is the eyelinear quite fragile , so when we don't careful , the eyelinear will break .

Just in a light handed , then you can create a thin line , even the eyelinear has been blunt .

I only use this eyelinear when i want smudge it or if i want do a smokey black eyes and i would not recommend this eyeliner for every one who has an oily lid , because its really very easy smudges in a few hours .
I also would recommend this eye linear to a beginner , because its really a good practicing eyelinear and the price also very affordable

Rating :  5

Repurchase : No

~ Conclusion ~

What I Love :
- The color is very obvious
- Affordable
- Travel Handy
- Glides easily

What I Hate :
- Not waterproof
- No Smudge proof
- Cheap Packaging

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Saturday, January 19, 2013 @ 8:12 PM
`NOTD : Soft Colorful Pastel

Hi Bunnies ~ ~ 

How are you , Hope everything goes well for all of you ^^ 

Nah .. today i am gonna to share my NOTD in colorful soft pastel color with all of you . 
I really don't know why i am very want to polish my nail with some colorful color ><" , perhaps the brighter color or the color really eye catching ~ 

Here is the nail polish i used ~ ~ 
I bought it at a local store and the each nail polish is Rp.10.000,- or around USD 1.00 . Very cheap right huh ? 
At the first i also very wondering about this nail polish , its can give the quality or not ?  

Lets See ... 

The above picture is after polished with the colorful nail polish . 

What do you think guys ? 

I am very like the Pink and Nude one , because both of the them looks very princessy :p 
talking about the quality , i am not really satisfied with the quality, because the nail polish only can give a little shinny even i have used the top coat T__T . 

Which color do you love guys ? 

Thanks for reading 


@ 1:32 AM
`SNSD Taeyeon " I got a boy in a gold make up tutorial "

Hi Bunnies ~~ 
Today i am back with a make up tutorial post . This tutorial i found on internet and i decided to share with all of you . 
In this tutorial , its will teach you how to create a SNSD Taeyeon make up in a simply way ^^ . 

Lets us starts .. 

This is the products which you need to do this make up . 
If you don't have the products as seen on the above picture , perhaps something similar also can do this make up 

And you are done with the make up 
See . so easy \^.^/ 

The picture above is a random people try to do this make up and its not me :p 
Thanks for reading and i hope it can be useful for all of you ^^ 


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Friday, January 18, 2013 @ 6:46 PM

This is my personal blog and i edited this blog by myself.
Every Review of a product in this blog is all based on my HONEST opinion .
Every product gives a different result for everyone , so mean that if this product suitable for my skin but i am not promise that its also suitable for you .

Most of the product are buy by my own money and i just wanna let you know that my opinion about that product , the product's review and the most important thing i also will let you know the good and bad side about that product .

Every photo in my blog are capture and a little edit by myself using my phone camera Iphone 4s . All the pictures from this blog are copyrighted and all of the pictures have been watermarked with my name Mariani1314 . So don't take any photo from my blog without my permission ^^

In the future , i also will put a picture state clearly about my disclaimer in each review post. This picture is a new made from me and looks like this ~

That's all guys and see you in the next post ^^

Thursday, January 17, 2013 @ 9:35 PM
`My Second Giveaway Winner

Hi Lovelies ~ ~ 
Thanks for everyone that has joined my second giveaway and i am very thankful that only a few people CHEAT in this giveaway XD .
But also some of them only fill the blank and ENTER without follows me on Instagram or Etc T__T
I really appreciate your effort for me like : tweet me everyday,comment in the post , follow my social network and many - many else .

Your EFFORT will not be VAIN 

One more thing that , i have read all of your comment . Here is what the most comment by the reader : 
1.They mention that my blog layout is Cute , Feminine,Girly . 
~ Thank you very much :* . I also think like that *Lol . If you are interested perhaps you can check at this blog's footer , but don't use the same layout with me yeah :D 

2.They want me often to post review or update !!
~ Hopefully i will 
But i also not promise about it T__T , because i need to work and study . I will try hard to post often when i have time :D 

3.They mention that my POST area is very small . 
~ I also admit that . Perhaps when i have time , i will change it or perhaps i should contact the maker of the blog layout :) 

Here is the lucky winner :

Congrats to Erna Wijaya Yayhh \^.^/

I will email and confirm once again with you about the lens :) Please do reply my email before 19th of January yeah Sweety .
For who doesn't win this giveaway , please don't ever give up :"). Perhaps you can win my next giveaway . Who knows right ? 


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@ 7:44 PM
`Review : Noona Eye and Blusher

Hi Lovelies ~ ~

Many of the reader has complained to me that i never do a review about local make up product T__T
Yeah ... i admit guys

Okay , back to beauty topic ~ ~
Now i want to review is a make up product from Noona Cosmetic .The name of the product i want to review is Noona Cosmetic Eye and Blusher * What a long name  This is a local cosmetic and it made from Taiwan

Here is the review  ~ ~

Packaging : 
Most of the packaging is in Black Color.This product has 2 area . One at the above is contain 4 eye shadow and at the below area contain 2 blusher . Its also include a square mirror with a eye shadow tip .
The size of this product is not to big or small , so its also very travel handy :D

Where to buy :
I got this product at a local make up store and the price is Rp.45.000,- or around USD 4.5 for 9.4 g
For further information about this Noona Cosmetic , perhaps you can click this link ^^

Ingredient :
Talc,Mica,Titanium Dioxide,Methyl Paraben,Propyl Paraben,Petrolatum,Octyl Palmitate,Pentaerythrityl Tentraisostearate,Lanolin Subsitute,DL-@-Tocopherol Acetate .

The above picture is the color of the eye shadow . Its contain 4 colors and all in Shimmering .
- Shimmering White
- Shimmering Metal
- Shimmering Grey
- Shimmering Black

 The swatch White , Metal , Grey and Black ( From left to right ) 

What i like from the eye shadow is the colors are very pigmented and the eye shadow very soft .The color of this eye shadow is very obvious , i seldom use Eye primer when used this product XD

This is the look for the blusher .
Its contain 2 colors . One is in Matte Peach and the another one is in Shimmering Pink .
Below the blusher is a place to put a eye shadow tip but i lose it T_T sorry guys .

The swatch for the Blusher Matte Peach and Shimmering Pink ( Left to right ) 

I am very loved the blusher , because the color is very obvious and its contain matte and shimmering . So if you used both of them , the color will be very soft and natural . Also one things i don't like is , this product doesn't have any blush brush to use this blusher -_-

Rating : ♥ 5

Repurchase : No

~ Conclusion ~

What I Love :
- Contain eye shadow and blusher in one product
- Pigmented
- The colors are very obvious
- Affordable
- Travel Handy

What I Hate :
- Doesn't include any blusher brush
- Cheap Packaging

Disclaimer : I bought this product by my own and i make the review by my HONEST opinion

Thanks for reading guys . 

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