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Sunday, March 31, 2013 @ 11:52 PM
`Versatile Blog Award ^^

Hi ladies and welcome April :)
Its me Mariani again and i am very apologize for the lack post here T__T
Its not an excuse or what , and yeah i am very busy recently .

As the tittle , my blog got a versatile award from Ms.Reezki. I am very happy and its also my honor got this award .
Thanks sweetie and for all of you feel free to check her blog at here .

The rules for this award is a little same with the Liebster Award i got last time  . You still can check my post about the Liebster award here and here.
Okay and nao we move to the rules ...

1.Nominated Some other BLOGGER 
2.Let them know you have nominated them 
3.Share 7 random facts about yourself 
4.Thank to the Blogger who has nominated you and link back to them in your post 
5.Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your Blog 

I am nominating this award to : 
Ms.Erna ( http://houseofschoonheid.blogspot.com/ )
Ms.Dewie ( http://mybeautypinastika.blogspot.com/ )
Ms.Piedev ( http://beautyfoodlife.blogspot.com/ ) 

7 Random Things about me : 
1.I Love Korean Product 
2.I must bring Tissue,Mirror,Comb,Lipstint when i am going out 
3.I learn simple make up when i was at Secondary 
4.I very love soft colorful pastel 
5.I very love to collect fake eyelash 
6.I love to wear Wedges . 
7.I am working as an accountant and marketing . 

That's all about my random fact ^^ hope you enjoy it . 
See you in my next post and review 


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Thursday, March 14, 2013 @ 12:22 AM
`March Giveaway

Hi Lovelies ~~

In this post , you can read many many giveaway that i have joined in March XD . Some of them are for only Indonesia Residence and some giveaways are open for internationality ~
Feel free to join if you wish and also wish me luck yeah Lolol

1.Beautifyiu 1st Mini Giveaway 

The prizes are as below : 

  • 2 Etude House's Fresh Cherry Tint (Sample Size)
  • 2 N'class Beauty Solution Foam Cleanser (Sample Size)
  • Tony Moly's Clean Dew Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream (Sample Size)
  • Skin Food's Gold Caviar Serum (Sample Size)
  • Holika Holika UV Magic Shield (Sample Size)
  • Nature Republic Collagen Dream Mask Sheet
  • Etude House I Need You, Aloe! Mask Sheet
  • Nature Republic The First Clear Toner and Emulsion (Sample Size)
  • Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Handsanitizer (You can choose the scent from the available stock) from Mypa Shop.
  • Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Holder (also from Mypa Shop)
This giveaway is only open for Indonesia Residence and it will close on 1st of April 2013 .  For further information about this giveaway , please click this LINK 

2.Mega Accessories Giveaway 

If you are a accessories lover , you do must join this giveaway . Because the prizes are 7 Rings , 5 Necklaces and 5 Bracelet only for 1 lucky person ^^ 

A little curios about the prizes , see the below picture : 

For more details about the prizes , please check her blog 

This giveaway is open for internationality and will close on 31st of March 2013 . If you are interested about this giveaway and wanna know more , please click here 

3.Kiki Colorine First Giveaway 

This giveaway is host by nail art lover ( i think so XD ) , because most of the blog posts are about nail tutorial and nail polish :) . 
This giveaway is open only for Indonesia Residence and it will close on 27th of March 2013 . But she will inform the winner on 30th of March 2013 ^^ 

Lets us see what the prizes are : 

For the 1st picture is the prize for 1st Winner . The prizes are : Etude House Nail Package and Nail Art Sticker ) 

For the 2nd Picture is the prize for 2nd Winner . The prizes are : 3 peripera rose nail polish , Etude House Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Ball , and 2 nail art stickers ) 
If you are interested , please click HERE 

4.Dream Make up Giveaway .

This giveaway is hosting by Dream Make Up and its open internationallity .

The prize is a Sigma Beauty Essential Brush kit with the colors you can choose of .
This give also will closed on 20th of March 2013 .
If you are interested , please click here 

5.Glory Chen 2nd Giveaway . 

This giveaway is host by a beauty blogger for Surabaya . Her name is Glory Chen .
Lets us see what the prizes are :

MUA New Undress Me Too Palette
Etude House Sweet Recipe Nail Polish
Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick
Etude Collagen Moistfull Trial Kit
Skin79 White Reviving Skin Radiance Cream Sample
Cute Design Fake Nails
Cute Ribbon Red Earrings

All the prizes above only for one lucky winner and its will close on 11th of May 2013.
One more important thing , this giveaway only open for Indonesia Residence .

If you wished to join it , please click this Link then you will directly visit here blog

Thanks for reading . 


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Wednesday, March 13, 2013 @ 12:00 AM
`NOTD + Simple Tutorial

Hi Everyone,
Its me again Mariani XD

In this post , i am not talking about any review but as the suggested tittle i am gonna to post my NOTD and also a very simple tutorial .
I don't know what the nails name , really appreciate it if some of you can give it a name Lolol .

Lets us see the finish look ..

The above picture is the finish look .
If you have followed my instagram ( Mariani1314 ) , i am very sure that you are not familiar with that picture.

Nao moves to the tutorial . .

This is what you need to do this nail art .
- Scotch Tape
- Scissor
- Nail Polish ( Mine is Blue Color nail polish )
- Shimmering Nail Polish with thin brush ( Mine is in Shimmering Blue )
- Top Coat

Here is the look for the thin brush
Usually i used it for create a thin line :)

Taadaaaa ,,, this is my bare nail >< . What do you think girls ??

First Step :
Cut a little scotch tape with a scissor , then stick at the line of nails or you can see at the above picture .

This method is very useful if the nail line is in straight line just like me . If your nails line are in curve line , i suggest you buy the line divider at pedicure and manicure salon

Second Step :
Polish some nail polish at the outer part of the nails . Wait it dries and then peel the scotch tape away

Third Step :
Create a thin line with shimmering nail polish below the colored nail polish.
If it dries then polished a top coat .

What i think :
Actually,this nail art is very suitable for daily or night use . Or if you wished,you can change the shimmering blue color in to Shimmering Gold color . It will look more elegant and will make the blue color more visible :)

If you want use this nail art for a party or wedding party, in my opinion you can use the nail polish in black color and for the line with shimmering white . I am very pretty sure that it will look very gorgeous and elegant ^^

Hope you will like this nail tutorial . 
Stay tune for my next any tutorial and review  . 


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Sunday, March 10, 2013 @ 8:48 PM
`Review : Oriflame Smooth Definer ( Black )

Hi Sweetie,
Today i am back with a review again :) . The product i want to review is an eye linear and the name is Oriflame Smooth Definer .

The last time i have reviewed a foundation also from Oriflame , you can check at here ^^ . As most of you know , Oriflame products were sold in a catalog , so its quite hard to find in a counter T__T .

Nao , lets us start the review ....

Description from Oriflame : 
Easy glide formula for smooth application . The retractable lead delivers creamy , vibrant color in 5 flattering shades in total comfort . Convenience design means no sharpening and no wasting time for intense long lasting .  

The 5 colors are : Black,Brown,Grey,Blue ,Green and I bought mine in black Color ^^ 

The packaging : 
Actually the packaging is in black and and most of them are in purple colors . So far its quite looks elegant :) . There is also a sticker sticks at the cap of this eye linear . The sticker state the ingredients of this eye linear .

Ingredients : 
Take from here :)

Where to buy and price : 
I bought with my friends and the price is Rp.59.000,- or around USD 5.9

As you can see the above picture , this pointy of this eye linear is quite sharp and if we used for a several times , the pointy of this eye linear will become a little blunt . But still possible to create a thin line if you wished XD

The eye linear is in creamy and soft texture and what i love is very glide easily and the above picture is i sprayed some waters  . Its waterproof .

This is when i rub the eye linear . Its no smudge proof at all T__T .

Repurchase : Yes ( In different colors )

~ Conclusion ~

What I Love :
- Smooth and Creamy Texture
- Glide Easily
- No Sharpening
- Waterproof

What I Hate :
- No Smudge Proof

Thanks for reading and hope that this review can useful for all of you .
Stay tune for my next review

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Saturday, March 9, 2013 @ 1:16 AM
`Blog Layout UPDATE ~

Hi Girls . 
Its me again :)) As the tittle , i want to sharing with all of you my blog layout update . Yeah .. perhaps too late to tell all of you T__T due i am very in this past few days >< .

The above picture is my last blog layout , and its designed from Estafanie Sofea .
And nao , this blog layout i used is designed by a beauty blogger too . Her name is Miharu Julie .

Very thanks to you my dear , i am very love this layout . 

What do guys think about my blog layout now ? Give some comment please :D 

Thanks for reading . 


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Friday, March 1, 2013 @ 8:09 PM
`Review : Etude House Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil ( Blue )

Hi ladies ~ ~
How are you :) hope everything goes well for all of you .

Nao i am gonna want to review a Shimmering Eyelinear and the name is Etude House Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil .
Curious about this product , feel free to read more ~

Information from Etude House :
Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil is a pencil is a waterproof 2 in 1 eye shadow and eye linear pencil that delivers jewel like color that applies smoothly and stays creamy blending and dries to a long lasting finish that wont budge .

This eye linear also available in 4 glamorous colors :
- Metalic Silver
- Sparkling Gold
- Metalic Aqua
- Sparkling Black

Where to buy and price :
I bought the Metalic Aqua at a online shop in Facebook . You also can find it at Etude House Counter .
The price is Rp.70.000,- or around USD 7.00 and the price may be Vary


This product also comes out with a hidden sharpener at the end of this eye linear. If you wished to sharpen it,you must carefully due the eye linear is very fragile and creamy . 

When its newly opened , the tip of this eye linear is pointy . After some constant use then the eye linear will look blunt and we need to sharpen it .

The above picture is my eye linear , see ....
Its broke and i need to sharpen it T______T

This is the eye linear when i sprayed some water . Its waterproof .

Me using this eye linear .
If you wished to create a different look , you also can create a line above the black eye linear . As i did it above XD

Sorry for the picture spammed Lolol

Last word : 
This eye linear will stay as long as without smudge if you don't rub your eyes and what i do not like is, this baby is quite hard to remove it  , even though i have used the eye remover . Its still will leave some shimmering in my eyes 

Rating :  5

Repurchase : Yes with different colors 

~ Conclusion ~

What I Love :
- Glide easily and pigmented color 
- Can use for eye linear and eye shadow ( 2 in 1 ) 
- Creamy 
- Has a sharpener 
- Waterproof

What I Hate :
- Quick hard to remove this baby 
- Fragile 

Thanks for reading and hope that this review can useful for all of you . 

Stay tune for my next review 

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