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Sunday, December 23, 2012 @ 7:38 PM
`Make Up Tutorial ~ Smokey Grey

Hi Lovelies . 

Ching Chang Chang ~~ . 
Christmas in the corner right now , are you excited for the coming Christmas ? 

How about me ? 
Me of course very excited because at Christmas day , i am not working . HOLIDAY for one Day ╭(^▽^)╯

Nah ... as my promised to Ms.Lee , i will make a Smokey Grey make up tutorial . At the first i think make a make up tutorial is very easy,But that's wrong
Its really NOT Easy , especially i am still newbie and i am also not really pro at photograph  (⌣́_⌣̀)

To keep my promise , i am still want to trying to make it . Hope you enjoyed it guys ~~ 

Taaa dhaaa ~~
 This is my bare face . I am not apply any BB cream or Foundation in here . Only applied some skin care routine . To ensure that my face also can get a good benefit . * Still want to look YOUNGER XD

This photo really suitable for my passport's photo LOL , and see my round face HAHAHA 

After saw my ugly face , lets move to make up tutorial ~

Face Primer 

Before applied any BB Cream or Foundation ,do remember yah girls ~ you must apply some face primer.
Primer works as a wall between your face and make up, so the harmful chemical from the make up will not easily contacted to your face and also applied face primer before make up will make the make up lost lasting . BELIEVE me , it really works 
Squeezed a good enough amount primer to your hand then applied to your face and spread it with brush or sponge . 
This time i am using Missha M BB Boomer . Just click here for the review . 

BB Cream / Foundation

After applied face primer . I applied BB Cream from Etude House with sponge to my entire face . You also can apply it using brush depends on your needs . 

Concealer and compact powder 

In this step , i am using some concealer to coverage my pimple scar . Concealer only can be used at the needed area only ( coverage pimple scar or pimple ) not to all your entire face. 
 After that you can use some compact or loose powder,to make it more natural and flawless looks .
I am using Etude Houde Essence Surprise Concelear and for the compact powder is Etude House BB Magic Pact * mostly my make up products are from Etude House XD 

After my face make up is finish , now we will moves to the eye make up . This is what i like the most
 Because i am not really know how to draw the eye brow , so i skip this step . 

Eye Primer .

Eye primer is a base we used before apply the eye shadow , the benefit of using it is to make the color more appear . 
In this time , i am using Etude House Proof 10 Eye primer . Just applied a little at your eyelid then spread it with your finger . 

Eye Shadow .

This time i am using a eye shadow from Noona Make Up Cosmetic . This is a local make up product which made from Taiwan . 
I used Shimmering White , Shimmering Grey and black * i am very like to use the black color XD

First , i applied black color at the outer until my half eye lid with eye shadow brush .For the brush,I am using eye shadow brush from Coastal Scent . 

After you have applied the black shadow , then applied the shimmering grey on top of the black shadow . I also blend the eye shadow with blend brush to make the color more natural and lighter
For the inner part of the eye lid , i applied some shimmering white to make the eye more bigger and brighter 

Eye Liner 

In this eye linear step , i am using black eye linear from the NYX Crimson Amulet Palette
I drew the eye linear in quite thick because my eye crease is also very thick and deep . To make it more balance .

If you are still newbie and dont know how to draw the eye linear , please watch this Eye Linear Tutorial ,credited from Youtube.com
In this eye linear tutorial , she will teach you how to use the Pencil , Liquid and Gel Linear . 

Blush On 

Then we will move to the cheek .  am using Etude House Lovely Cookies Blusher in Rose. Before i applied it , i will smile first and then applied at the apple area of your cheek with blusher brush WOW !!~ 

 I am using Lipstick from Etude House Dear My Blooming Lip Talk in CPK PK 004 and Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss CPK 001 . 
I applied the lipstick in very thin and also apply some lip gloss on top of the lipstick to make my lips more plumper or fuller 
This is the final looks . 
See , there are still a few big pimple at my cheek , it really hard to cover it with concealer  . 
Sorry , i am not really pro doing the make up tutorial but i am still hope that you can enjoyed this make up tutorial . 
I will try to make it better . 

Practice make perfect 

Thanks for reading guys 

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