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Monday, December 17, 2012 @ 12:03 AM
`The Beauty Blogger Tag

Hi everyone .

Petit Poppy a Beauty Blogger did a Beauty Blogger Tag to let everyone know better about her . Since she tagged everyone, so i also want to make a blog post about this Beauty Tag and i also do hope  that with this post you can get know me better too :)

Abefore and after make up pic from Google.com
1.Is your hair naturally curly or straightly ?
My hair is naturally straight

2.What is your natural hair color ?
It's black color >.<"

3.Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon ?
When i was in Secondary School grade 2 and more , i dyed it by myself but i go to salon now , i think i must seek a professional than i dye by myself

4.How often do you wash your hair ?
Every 3 or 4 days . My hair is very dry and damaged , if i wash to often it will make it drier .

5.Do you wear the same style everyday or change it ?
I change my style everyday , perhaps i must make a post about my OOTD or OOTN . 

6.Do you do your own mani / pedi or go to salon ?
I dont do any mani or pedi,because i think the nail polish can harm or damage my nail

7.How often do your change your nail polish ?
I dont use any nail polish ( check ques 6 ) , if i wore it maybe not until 5 days i will remove it .

8.Do you polish your toes in the winter too or just in the summer ?
I do not know how to answer it LOL

9.How long does it take to put on your make up ?
When i go outside in the night or go to college perhaps around 30 until 45 minutes , but in the day not until 20 minutes XD

10.What do you do first ? Face or Eyes ?
Absolutely my face first

11.Do you collect make up or just buy what you need when you need it ?
I collect make up especially the packaging is cute XD but sometimes i also buy what i need

12.How often do you wear fake eyelash ?
I wear fake eyelash when i was on make up , if not i wont wear it

13.Do you do a full face make up everyday ?
Depends on my mood and the situation too :)
When i am in rush , i wont do any make up , maybe will use some sunblocks  , compact powder and a little lip tint .
Also when i am in bad , i wont use any make up , i will do basically skincare like applied toner , serum and moisturizer .

14.Do you wear make up when you are home alone or with family ?

15.Will you leave the house without make up ?
Check ques no 13 :D

16.How many high end products do you have ?
I dont get it what its mean .
Anybody know , please tell me :(

 17.How often do you wash your make up brush ?
I wash my make up brushes once a week or once in two weeks . Depend on my mood lal XD .
I am moody person :(

18.Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when your are getting dressed ?
Sometimes i planned it sometimes not .

19.How often do you change your handbag ?
Not really often . Maybe once a month

20.What time do you get up and go to sleep ?
Get up at 7.00 am ( Ina Time ) and sleep around at 10 - 11 pm ( Ina time )

21.How often and when do you workout ?
Do not understand Lol

22.Left or Right Handed ?
Right handed

23.How tall are you ?
After 150 cm before 160 cm . Not really tall yah :(

24.Do you speak foreign language ?
Yes , beside from my mother language . I speak Mandarin and English ( Not really pro ) and also Bahasa Indonesia :D

25.How many pets do you have ?
I dont have any pets . Becoz my mother doesnt permit me raise a pet ( I like doggy ) , she only like to raise CHICKEN , its not a Pets right ? LOL XD

26.How often are you on Blogger ?
Around 3 or 4 days , I am quite busy in this past few days .

27.Do you read the comments posted blog ?
Yes i read everyone's comment , your comment is very means to me

28.Do you keep a list of product to try as you see other post ?
I always googling a product i want to try

29.How did you come out with your blog name ?
My Blog name is Mariani Blogger
Mariani is my Indonesia name .
Blogger i think you know whats it mean lal yah XD

30.What kind of Camera do you use for photographs ?
I usually use my Iphone 4S , it's also counts as camera too i think .
I dont know have any camera , i think i should buy a new one if i have MONEY  

31.How often do you clean your house ( Daily , Weekly or Monthly )
Most of the time is my mother clean the house . If she is not around like go to overseas or what , i will clean my house when i am in Day Off .

32.What is your favorite color ?
In the past , i very like dark color like black , white and blue.But now i am a little interesting with some colorful pastel .

33.What is your favorite beauty or fashion magazine ?
Actually i dont really like magazine , but if i am still should to choose one i would like the japan magazine which contain fashion and beauty

34.Do you swear ?
I am not really swear but i will do it if they are not believe in me ><

35.What are you doing with the rest of your day ?
Working , eat , browsing and Etc

This is really a fun tag and i also TAGGED all of you .

Please comment in this post if you have already posted about this tag , leave me your blog address so i can read it so i can know you better too

Thanks for reading guys and hope you enjoyed it


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