Monday, December 10, 2012

Review : Skinfood Royal Honey Toner

Hi guys . 
Today i am gonna to review a toner i bought around one month ago.I used this toner after i cleansed my face with face cleanser , or can say that, this toner is the second step of my skincare routine . I do not ever forget to use toner after cleansing because it can control my face Ph and made my face feel fresh ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏

The name of this product is Skinfood Royal Honey Toner and Of course it also from Korea . I really love product korea , especially Etude House Brand . 

The story Royal Black Honey : Royal Black Honey is a natural raw honey from South Asian forests and it's also enriches with a myriad of nutrients that amazingly good for your skin . 
A treatment with royal black honey and royal jelly extracts that hydrates and transforms skin into a nice honey - glazed complexion . 

The packaging :
This product is come out with a gold cap and cute glass bottle and the volume of this product is in 150 ml so for me at least can use around 4 or 5 months.
I bought this product at Beau Yong and the price is Rp.189.000,- . I think it's quite cheap because you can use for a long time .

The texture of this product :
The texture of this product is like a gel but not too really dense. Even thought is like a gel but when i applied it,i am not feel sticky at all at my face , it quickly absorb and very easy to wipe in face with cotton .

The scent of this product :
I really love the scent , because it's really like 100% honey. So mild and every time i pour this toner to my palm i immediately smelled the honey scent .
I do not know this toner contains alcohol or not , but what i feel when i used this product is my face feel a little cold / cool

It has a bottle lid on top so you need to pour in into cotton pad , but do not worry it's easy how to control how much you want pour the toner to your hand or cotton pad .

How to used this product :
After cleansing pour in to palm and smooth over the entire face or use it with a cotton pad to wipe face gently in outward motions .
To avoid all the toner absorb by the cotton pad , so i prefer to pour it at my palm then smooth over the entire face .

Something i forget to tell you that , the product is super moisturizing too . It will not dry my face when i used it.
The above picture is when i poured the honey toner to my palm

The product also comes out with a small orange tax and the language is in Korean . I do not understand it at all . 
And the back side of this tag is a black bee . You can see clearly at above how to use this product area 

Repurchase or not : 
I absolutely will repurchase this toner again , but until i find a better one again (⊙…⊙ )

I would recommend this toner for those who has sensitive skin , but i also would not recommend this product   for those who has big pores . 
Because i used this product around 1 month ( used it everyday at day and night ) , it would not reduce my big pores at all 

What i love : 
- Quickly absorb and very easy to spread to entire my face 
- Moisture my skin 
- The scent 
- The lid of the bottle , because it can control the toner when we pour it into palm or cotton pad 
- Can use it for along time . 

What i hate : 
- Not reduce my big pores at all . 

Disclaimer : I bought this product by my own and i also make the review by my HONEST opinion. 

Thanks for reading guys . 


  1. kurang bagus ya productnya ? :(

    follow back yah ,

    1. Kalau bagi yang gag ada big pores si bagus sayy :) karena bisa hydrated muka dan feel fresh kalau pakai toner ini

      kalau ada yang big pores , not recommend by me .



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