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Sunday, December 9, 2012 @ 8:45 PM
`More About Me

Hi Everyone and welcome to My Cute Little Blog 
My name is Mariani. The above picture is me and i am from Indonesia I also live at a small island named Tanjung Pinang. If you do not know where it is , feel free to ask me 

In this post , i am gonna to answer 15 questions and in this 15 questions also inclusive some of my reader asks me. This post only comes out with a few picture,so i hope you wont feel boring and you will read from the Start until the End of this post╭(^▽^)╯  

Lets us starts from the 1st Question until the 15th Question . 

1.What skincare routine you used everyday ? 

I think you can see clearly at the above picture,but i am still wanna to write it down . 
Face Cleanser : Innisfree Jejubija Anti - Trouble Facial Foam 
Serum : Its Skin Power 10 YE Effector 

2.What is your hair color ? 
Actually my hair color is black . But i am not really okay with this situation i think it's ugly so i very like colored my hair very much 

3.What kind of lens do you have ? 
I have around 7 - 8 pairs of lenses . Most of them the diameter is quite big .For me the bigger is the better,but in this previous day i very like to wore one pairs of my lens . The name is Barbie Eye Diamond Lens.You can see clearly at the below picture . 

4.What kind of shoes do you prefer ? 
I prefer Pumps and Wedges and for me the higher is the better but i think it can hurt my leg very much (O_o)*!!

5.How high are you ? 
I am in very short.Only 155++  ( -_-") 

6.Do you wear make up everyday ? 
I not wear make up everyday . When i worked i only do my skin care routine and apply a little sun protector and apply a little lip tint 
In the night , it's depend on my mood , sometime i used make up to college and sometimes not , it's also same when i am going out at the night 

7.What is your eye color ? 
My eye color is brown 

8.How weight are you ?
I am less than 50 KG . 

9.What social network do you have ? 
I have Facebook,Twitter,Instagram.You can find it at the right sidebar of this blog 

10.You like dark color or light color ? 
At the first i very like dark color like black , white , grey and nude but now i am going to try more colorful pastel 

11.How many pairs of fake eyelash do you have ? 
I have around 40+ pairs of fake eyelash and it's also inclusive of bottom fake lash 

12.What the make up brand do you prefer ? 
I prefer skincare and make up product from Etude House and Skin Food . I think i love the packing more than the product (⌣́_⌣̀)
I also do very like make up product from NYX and i dont know why i love that brand 

13.What color do you like ? 
I like Blue , Black,Plum Red and White Color 

14.What is your status right now ? 
I am in a open relationship right now around 2 a half years 

15.Do you like sport ? 
I do not like sport at all because i think it can make me feel very tired

16.Do you like SEXY or CUTE Look ? 
I prefer Sexy Look 

17.What kind of FOOD do you like to eat ? 
Actually i very like to eat Bread and Noodle , especially Ramen .
I am also not really like to eat Rice .

18.What your Blog URL mean ? 
My blog address is Marianilo1314.blogspot.com 
Mariani is my Indonesia name 
Lo is my surname 
1314 in china is mean Forever 

I think that's all i am gonna talk about my self. I will update this post if i am gonna to add something about me  or if you have any question want to ask about me , just comment in this blog or send me an email then i will answer it at here . 

Love you guys 

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