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Sunday, December 30, 2012 @ 11:38 PM
`The MEMORABLE MOMENT in 2012 + Resolutions for 2013

Hi everyone ... 
Maybe everyone know today is the last day of 2012,and we will welcome the new coming year 2013 at 12.00 pm

I make this post because of inspired of 2 beauty blogger . They are Xiao Vee and Stella . so i am also gonna want to list out my memorable moment at 2012 and also the resolutions at 2013 . 
Thanks for inspired me made this post Girls XD 

Yah , i know that maybe this is not a interesting post , but i am still want to sharing with you T__T and i also hope that you can read till the end or give me some feed back maybe Huh !! 

My memorable moments in 2012

1.Started my Beauty Blogger 
Its a new job for me , maybe can say like a part time job . I started build up a beauty blogger at 31st of October 2012 and the reason is very simple : I love make up , so i want to share with all of you the information about all the make up product i bought 
I admit that , my English is not so good , but i am still want to try write a post in English language , because i also want the overseas reader also can find something useful at my blog . 

2.Held 2 giveaways in 2012
Wowh !! i have hosted 2 giveaways within 3 months ~ ~ 
I love hosted giveaway , because beside the reader can find something useful at my blog , i also want they have chance to win some make up goodies . 

3.College + Works 
Maybe this is the memorable things for me . I started go to college at the mid of July 2011 until now .  I worked at the morning from 8 am until 5 or 6 pm , after that i went to college until 8 / 9.30  pm . 
Its very hard for me , at the first , i went to college everyday , even that in the Sunday T__T , i am only have holiday when there is a public holiday . 
I know its quite though , but i am will take it as a adventure for me . 

4.Buy Iphone 4s by my own money 
Its really not show off or what , but this is the first time i bought a smart phone by own money . Yeah i admit that , my mother paid the money first , then i will pay to my mother every month . 
But its still use my money right , only the way is different HAHAHA 

My resolutions for 2013
As a beauty blogger 
1.Improve the quality in blogging
In the future ,i will do post often even that i am very busy ><" , and i am also will improve the quality of my blogging . 
Of course , you do not want i post often in a bad quality right ? 

2.Do more Tutorial , NOTD and NOTN 
As some suggestion , i will do some make up tutorial at the Youtube , and also make some post for the NOTD and NOTN . Actually i am not really a fan of manicure pedicure XD 

3.Hold my Birthday Giveaways . 
After this second giveaway , maybe i will hosting a giveaway again at the first of June 2013 . Yeah its still long time , but its my Birthday Giveaway . Pssssh ... maybe the quantity of the price is same as my old *Lol 

4.Create my own Blogger Template 
I am very happy with this template i am using right now . Very thanks to Ms.Sofea who has made this girly , kawaii and dolly template . 
But i am still want to make a blog template design by my own ^^ 

5.Save more money 
In very honest , i am a impulse buyer . 
What is Impulse buyer Huh ?? Its mean that you buy something only see the good one or see the good side only , you are not consider that you need the product or nor . 
Yeah , i am exactly like this . So i will try hard to change this bad habit and save more money to my future .. 

6.Become the member of Indonesia Beauty Blogger 
If i works hard in Blogging world , i am very sure that i will become the member of Indonesia Beauty Blogger .

In Personal Life 
1.Love my Mother more and more . 
Do not misunderstanding , now i am also very love my mother . I am just do not know how to show it to her . 
I hope that i will help her in a big or small matters , or maybe be a more filial daughter * i am quite filial right now XD  , and more concern my mother . 
I am growing up right now , but i am also forget that my mother also grows old

2.Love My Boyfriend more and more 
Now i am also very love my boyfriend . I am very thanks to him that he wont leave me when i am down T_T . 
We have been together around 2 a half years , in this 2 a half years he very kind , care and concern me . 

3.Have healthier life . 
Eat more vegetables , drink more juices and less eat junk food . Something also very important that everyday must do physical exercise 

4. Discipline and time management . 
Those are the bad bad habit of mine . In this year , hope i change all the bad habit especially the two of them . 

 That's all what i want to share with all of you . 
By the way , its still many things what i want to share with all of you , but i think the all above are the most important for me . 

Happy New Year 2013 

See you next year , i mean tomorrow XD

Thanks for reading guys . 

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