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Monday, April 29, 2013 @ 12:58 AM
`Review : MUA POPTASTIC Palette

Hi Ladies , 
Welcome to my second post in this lazy Monday . Really lazy want to work and do the other activities as in my town always raining and raining >.<" . Wanna go back home asap lolol XD . 

Okay okay and sorry for my noisy :p today i am gonna to review a palette i bought recently . Really do not know why i am very interested with colorful and bright colors . So in this time , i bought a palette from MUA and the name is POPTASTIC :) and Here is the review ... 

The front side of the palette
The back side of the palette
♥ Packaging : 
The packaging of this palette is come out with a transparent lid which we can see the bright eye shadow without open the palette and the packaging looks very simple . But, the packaging of this palette is quite fragile and not really look so sturdy . This palette also come out with a double head eye shadow applicator :) 

♥ Where to buy and price : 
I bought mine in a Facebook online shop and the price is Rp.85.000,- or around USD 8.5 ( discount price ) . Price may be vary . 

♥ Quantity : 

♥ Ingredient : 
Talc,Mica,Magnesium Stearate,Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-1,Ethylhexyl,Palmitate,Polybutene,Dimethicone,Methyl Paraben,Propylparaben,CI 77891 , CI 77491 , CI 77492 ,CI 77499 , CI 77007 , CI 77742 , CI 77510
 Lets us see the swatch of the eye catching colors  : 

First Row : Purple , Tosca ,  Gold , Dark Purple , Orange and Light Blue 

Swatch ( From Left ~ Right ) 

Second Row : Dark Green , Red , Dark Tosca , Pink , Blue and Dark Blue 

Swatch ( From Left ~ Right ) 

As you can see the swatches above , all of the colors are in shimmering and some of the colors are in Blue Shade . 

Me using eye shadow from this palette ( Green + Gold ) 
The texture of this palette is creamy and soft texture . Because of this , its really easily blend to our eyelid and the chance for falling out the residue to our face is very small ^^/ . 
Beside of that , if you wished to find a good pigmentation palette with an affordable price , i will recommend this palette for you , but with a condition that you like and dare to go out with bright colors XD . 

Beside use this palette as my eye shadow , i also will use it as eye linear. Just use an eye linear brush then create a thin or thick line with this palette . I have used this method and the result is not really disappointed . Hope you can try it too :) .  

Repurchase : Yes ( Perhaps the other MUA Palette ) 

♥ Conclusion  ~

What I Love :
- Affordable Prices 
- Soft texture 
- Great Pigmentation and easily Blend 
- Has an applicator 

What I Hate :
- Fragile and Cheap Packaging 
- Contain Paraben 

Thanks for reading and hope that this review can useful for all of you .
Stay tune for my next review and stay pretty 

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