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Sunday, February 17, 2013 @ 8:52 PM
`Beauty Tips and Beauty Remedies

Hi Readers ~~
Nao i am gonna to share with all of you some beauty tips . This beauty tips are in very simply way and most of them can do it at home .
And all the things you need is very simple to find and some of them are in natural ingredients

Lets us starts ^^

1. Whiten nails with Tooth Paste 
~ If we use nail polish for a long time or always change our nail colors , i am very sure that our nails will turn in to yellow colors . So we need tooth paste to whiten it . As tooth paste can whiten our teeth so they have a similar effect to whiten our nails

Direction :
- Take a old toothbrush then squeeze a little tooth paste . Wet your nails then brush your nails like brush your teeth . After that , dried it with a towel and use some olive oil to smooth your nails , if not your nails will be very dried .

2.Remove lip dead cells or dead skin with toothbrush 
~ Beside our skin , our lips also has some dead cell or dead skin and we must remove it . The way we remove it is very simple . When you brush your teeth in the morning or night , you also must brush your lips with the tooth brush . But must a soft brush and do it once a day in the morning or night

3.Cure Pimple Redness with Eye Drops . 
~ Squeeze 2 or 3 drops eye drops in your hand , then simply pat gently some drop of the eye drops in to your pimples . As eye drops are traditionally can cure red eyes , they can have a similar effect on your redness and irritated pimples . Eye drops contain anti inflammatory agents that can reduce acne swelling . Swelling decrease, the redness will subside as well . Reapply the eye drops when needed 

4.Cure Acne with Banana 
~ Bananas are high in potassium which is useful to cure acne. Mash up a banana then apply directly to your skin . Doing so will suffocate the bacteria in your skin cells , forcing breakouts from acne to heal more quickly

5.Lessen dark spots with papaya
~ Papaya contains papain, an enzyme that assists in exfoliating the skin and gently will slough away the dead skin  . Gently rub a raw papaya fresh on your affected areas of dark spots and wash off after several minutes . Do this once a day and you will see a beautiful difference in no time .

Hope all of them above will be useful for all of you . 
See yeah for next post ^^ 


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