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Friday, November 9, 2012 @ 10:21 PM
`TUTORIAL : Make a simple Face Scrub

Hi guys . 
Now i am going to teach you how to make a simple face scrub . 
Usually i used this face scrub 2 or 3 times a week , because it can clean the dead cells in our face and the other dirty dust . 

What you need to prepare :
- 2 or 3 Spoon of white or black Sugar ( i prefer Black Sugar ) 
- A small bowl 
- A cup of hot water 

After all the things you need are complete
Lets us begin to make the face scrub 

- First what you need to do is pour 2 or 3 spoon of sugar to the bowl . 
- Then pour a little hot water or until all the hot water covers the sugar .
- If the hot water is to much you can pour out the water but do not pour all of the water , because we still need a little water mix with the sugar . 
- Wait for a moment , until the hot water become Lukewarm hot water 

If you have done all the step , you can scrub softly to your face.If you scrub too hardly it will cause your face redness or irritation. 
You can scrub around 10 until 15 minutes . 
But make sure you scrub softly . 

You also can use it to scrub you lips , it will make the dead cells at your lip away and leave it smoothly . 

After scrub 10 or 15 minutes , wash away the sugar with fresh water and start washing your face with facial foam.
You can feel your face so smooth. 

Have you ever try it at home ? 


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